Get Funding

There are plenty of opportunities for employers to secure funding to assist with an internship program.

The following is a sample of provincial and federal programs that currently assist in providing youth who otherwise may face barriers with the skills training, resources, and guidance to help them find meaningful employment.  

Ontario Programs


Youth Job Connection: Offers paid job readiness training, followed by a paid job placement. They help youth connect with employers and get a job placement of 12-26 weeks. They can provide incentives to employers to help cover the cost of wages and training for their new employee, and help youth to cover costs like transportation or access other tools required for the job.

Experience Ontario: A pilot program that helps recent high school graduates who are uncertain of their next steps. Participants have access to a combination of paid work placements, career coaching, mentorship, and information about post-secondary education and training opportunities. This helps participants choose their next steps (ongoing employment, further education, apprenticeship training) with the confidence that they can meet the needs of the labour market.

New Brunswick Programs

Youth Employment Fund: A program designed to provide youth with an opportunity to develop skills and find jobs in the province.

Student Employment Experience Development (SEED):  A program that provides a variety of employment opportunities for post-secondary students during the summer months.

One-Job Pledge: Offers employers an improved wage incentive when they hire a recent post-secondary graduate in a job related to his or her field of study. 

Employer Wage Incentive – Workforce Expansion: The program builds employer/employee relationships which promote the development of our unemployed by gaining skills and ultimately result in long-term sustainable full-time employment.

Canada-New Brunswick Job Grant: The program invests in skill development and employment needs of the workforce. Employers determine what training is needed, who participates, and which provider will deliver the training.

Work Ability Program:  Provides work experience opportunities to unemployed individuals who require a job placement to overcome a barrier as identified through their employment action plan.

Nova Scotia​ Programs

The Job Creation Partnerships (JCP): A program designed to support projects that will provide eligible participants with meaningful work experience that will improve their employment prospects.

START Program: Encourages employers to hire Nova Scotians requiring work experience. Financial incentives will be provided to employers with a labour need willing to support ready- to-work Nova Scotians.

Graduate to Opportunity: The program provides businesses with salary contributions that make it easier to hire recent graduates.

Co-op Education Incentive (CO-OP):  Provides wage assistance to private sector, government funded and non-profit organizations offering career-related work experiences for university and community college co-operative students.

Student Summer Skills Incentive (SKILL): Offers wage assistance to non-profit organizations that provide quality, career-related summer jobs to students going into university or community college in the fall.

Manitoba​ Programs

Partners with Youth: This program will connect with non-profit organizations, community-based groups institutions and private agencies to develop and deliver a variety of activities aimed at providing employability skills training and/or work experience placements for youth who are receiving income assistance or unemployed and facing multiple barriers to employment.

First Jobs Fund: Funding is available to community organizations that assist youth ages 15-29 years to develop job readiness skills that help them prepare for the world of work and to help employers hire young people and provide a supporting, developmental work environment.

Green Team: This program creates summer employment opportunities for youth aged 15 to 29 years. Participating employers provide a variety of community development projects that improve neighbourhoods, promote community involvement and help develop young leaders.

Quebec​ Programs

Emploi Québec Wage Subsidy:  This program provides wage subsidies for employers who hire eligible individuals who are unemployed and/or having trouble entering the job market.

British Columbia​ Programs

BC Wage Subsidy Program: This program provides temporary wage subsidies to employers who hire and assist unemployed people who are having difficulty finding full-time work due to a lack of skills or work experience.

Get Youth Working! Program: Offers eligible employers in specified BC regions a $2,800 wage subsidy as an incentive to hire youth age 15 to 29.

Industry Training Authority Apprenticeship Program (ITA): Employers who hire a youth apprentice will receive income tax credits which will allow them to: claim 10% of eligible apprentice wages per year, get $1.47 back for every $1 you invest in apprenticeship training, and claim 20% of eligible apprenticeship wages per year for non-Red Seal trades.

Federal Programs

Skills Link: Consists of pre-employment training, followed by a supported work placement. Participants get paid for attendance and earn while they learn. 

Career Focus: Coordinates internships for recent graduates looking to develop their careers. By offering prospective employers wage subsidies to offset the cost of hiring new graduates, Career Focus helps ease the transition into the labour market.

Natural Resources Canada: Science and Technology Internship Program

The Science and Technology Internship Program (STIP) provides an opportunity to graduates in natural science and engineering to gain relevant and meaningful work experiences within their fields of study.

Natural Resources Canada: STIP Expansion, Green Jobs Initiative Funding (GJI)

GJI is an expansion of NRCan’s Science and Technology Internship Program (STIP) designed for the green economic sector.

Environment and Climate Change Canada: Environmental Youth Corps (EYC) Internship Program

The EYC internship program gives eligible employers who work in science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM), up to 50% of an intern’s salary (up to $15,000) for new full-time environmental jobs.

Career Focus (ESDC): Provides funding for employers and organizations to design and deliver a range of activities that enable youth to make more informed career decisions and develop their skills.

Canada Summer Jobs (ESDC): Provides funding to help employers create summer job opportunities for students. It is designed to focus on local priorities, while helping both students and their communities.

Heritage Canada (YCW):  Young Canada Works offers eligible employers wage subsidies and access to a pool of talented youth with innovative ideas and competitive skills. Subsidies to eligible employers enable the creation of about 2,300 job opportunities per year in the fields of heritage, arts, culture and official languages.