Exploring Pathways Communities

Name of Community:



Name of Host Agency:


North Hamilton Community Health Centre

Program History: 

The Pathways to Education program was launched in Hamilton in the fall of 2009, after the North Hamilton Community Health Centre identified a 45% dropout rate for students living in the north end of Hamilton. Through collaboration with the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board, the Hamilton Wentworth Catholic District School Board, and Mohawk College, among others, the Health Centre worked with Pathways Canada to gain the full approvals necessary to launch the program.
Heading into its seventh year, Pathways in Hamilton will be graduating its fourth class this summer to add to their current total of 186 alumni.

Geographical Boundaries, General Size, Catchment Area: 

The Bennetto and Keith neighbourhoods, located in Hamilton's diverse North End, serve as the Hamilton Pathways to Education program sites. The community includes a mix of industrial and residential locations.

The catchment area of the Hamilton Pathways program is:

North: The Waterfront 
East: Sherman Ave North
South: Barton Street
West: Queen Street North

Community Demographics:


  • 10.4% youth aged 12-19 

  • 4% recent immigrants

  • 4.3% Aboriginal youth 

  • 22.3% visible minority population 

  • 28.8% single-parent households

Successes/Strengths/Resources in the Community:

As host of the Pathways program in Hamilton, the North Hamilton Community Health Centre supports the community by providing access to programming and services directly related to physical and emotional health, programs for all age groups, and multicultural programming.

Other Partnerships and Resources Include:

Hamilton Film Festival, Hamilton Fire Department, Jamesville Hub, Keith Hub, McMaster University, Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology, Scholarship Canada, YMCA. 

Challenges in the Community:


Average of:

  • 7.1% of community lives in subsidized housing 

  • 32.7% of households are considered low-income

  • 41.5 % of youth aged 20-34 have taken some post-secondary education

  • 10.25% youth unemployment rate 

  • 14.5% adult unemployment rate 

Employment Opportunities Close to the Community:

Pathways community resources and partnerships related to employment include:
Centre 3 for Print and Media Arts, Employment and Social Development Canada, Factory Media Centre.

What Post-secondary Programs Are Students Enrolled In: (Top 5-6 programs)


  • Career Pathways

  • Kinesiology

  • Business

  • Computers

  • Science

Which Schools Are Students Attending for Post-secondary:

  • Brock University, St. Catharines

  • Carleton University, Ottawa

  • Fanshawe College, London

  • George Brown College, Toronto

  • Lakehead University, Thunder Bay

  • McMaster University, Hamilton

  • Mohawk College, Hamilton

  • OCAD University, Toronto

  • Ryerson University, Toronto

  • Seneca College, Toronto

  • University of Windsor, Windsor

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