Pathways Interns


“When I talk to employers or when I apply at student groups, Northbridge is something I always talk about now even though it's something I just did over the summer. It constantly comes up and it's just an experience that I'm proud of."


"Her time spent working with the Human Resources team [at Northbridge] opened up her eyes to a world of career opportunities in Learning and Development."

"She credits her career path to the experience she gained through her Pathways Internship at Davies."

"I think internships provide a huge benefit for Pathways students and can turn their life around."


"I went from being in the classroom on Friday to working within the industry on Monday."


"At school, my professors always talked about "focus groups".  Being able to organize one really brought my classroom experience to life."


"The internship gave me the chance to make new friends, across numerous fields of work, giving me the confidence to propel both my career and my studies forward."


"The opportunity allowed me to sit down with senior executives to see how they got to where they are today."

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