Pathways Alumni Intern


University of Guelph (BBA), Smith School of Business (MIB)

Knowledge Management Intern
Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg


During the summer of 2017, Niha worked as a Knowledge Management Intern at Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP. As a post-secondary business student, Niha was interested in pursuing an internship in consulting and analysis to gain firsthand experience in the industry. Her position at Davies allowed her to use her analytical skills to complete a range of assignments, most of which focused on organizing knowledge materials for her colleagues in the firm. The internship also opened her eyes to what a career in corporate law may look like – nothing like what she had seen on TV.

One of the highlights from her internship was creating a Government Insight Report, which involved complex research on trends from the major Stock Exchange issuers. Her ability to project manage the document created a positive impression on her supervisors. “It took me around four business days to do something that was supposed to have taken three weeks,” she says. “For me, it was a huge success and it was really nice to see my work being appreciated.”

Today, Niha has a permanent position as a consultant at a major firm. She credits her career path to the experience she gained through her Pathways Internship at Davies. “I don’t think people realize how much of an impact an opportunity can have on an individual. It’s a domino effect – you help one Pathways student and they help another and I think it’s definitely going to create more good in the world.”

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