Exploring Pathways Communities


Name of Community:




Name of Host Agency:


Pinecrest Queensway Community Health Centre


Program History:


In 2007, the Pinecrest-Queensway Community Health Centre (PQCHC) completed a community engagement process to determine the viability of implementing the Pathways program in the west-end of Ottawa. The research, which included consultations with parents, youth and service providers, confirmed that there was both a need and a desire for this program in the west-end community. Based on this research, Pathways Ottawa was launched in the fall of 2007 in partnership with PQCHC. 


This summer Pathways in Ottawa will host its 5th graduating class to add to their current total of 385 Alumni.


Geographical Boundaries, General Size, Catchment Area:

Catchment Area: 6 social housing communities including over 4,000 individuals.

Foster Farm, Pinecrest Terrace, Morrison Gardens, Christie Place, Winthrop Court, Regina Lane, Eva Taylor Court, Michele Heights, Britannia Woods, New Orchard or the CCOC Community at Richmond Road, and Hartleigh Avenue.

Community Demographics:


On Average:

  • 8.7% of population is youth age 12-19

  • 5.7% are recent Immigrants

  • 2.6% are Aboriginal Youth

  • 28.8% visible minority population

  • 24.2% lone parent households


Community Partnerships:


As host of the Pathways program in Ottawa, the Pinecrest Queensway Community Health Centre works with communities facing multiple barriers to support with housing, physical and emotional health, multicultural services and youth services.


Other partnerships and resources include:

Carleton University, La Cite, Day of Info Lifetime of Action, Ottawa School of Art, Rotary Club, CHEO, Main de Marioposa


Post-Secondary Areas of Interest for Pathways to Education Students: (Top 5-6 Programs)


  • Enriched Support Program

  • General Arts and Science

  • Business Administration

  • Engineering

  • Police foundation

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