Pathways Alumni Intern

Ramez photo.jpg


Ryerson University, Business Management, Marketing Major (BComm)

Project Delivery Intern
Northbridge Financial


Being a business student, Ramez knew he would face tough competition in securing a summer internship, which was one of his goals during his degree. When he found out that Northbridge was offering exclusive internships to Pathways to Education alumni, he immediately applied for the role of Project Delivery Intern for summer 2018.

“Had it not been for Pathways, I probably wouldn’t have had an internship for the summer,” he reflects. “These opportunities don’t always exist for Pathways students, and we can really rely on them to get our foot in the door.”

During his time at Northbridge, Ramez was able to develop expertise in a variety of skillsets with support from his manager. “I developed the communication skills and the feel for working in a professional office, something that I hadn’t been a part of before. Excel and Sharepoint skills are also key for any business student and I will definitely be using them in other roles in the future.”

After his experience, Ramez wants other companies to know how instrumental these internships can be for Pathways youth. “I think it's really important that students at Pathways have these opportunities,” he stresses. “It really helps us accelerate our careers in ways that I don't even know if you could really understand what a big difference it can make.”

Ramez is now exploring career opportunities in sales, consulting, and marketing as he works to complete his degree, but he still carries his internship experience with him as he moves forward.

“When I talk to employers or when I apply at student groups, Northbridge is something I always talk about now even though it's something I just did over the summer. It constantly comes up and it's just an experience that I'm proud of. And I wish there were more opportunities similar to Northbridge that existed to help us reach our professional and academic goals.”