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Name of Community:




Name of Host Agency:


Rexdale Community Health Centre


Program History: 


Rexdale is located in North Etobicoke, in the northwest end of Toronto. The community is culturally diverse and has a history of strong community spirit. However, it is also wrestling with many socio-economic issues related to poverty, unemployment, immigration, affordable housing, education, and family breakdown.

In October 2005, Toronto City Council designated Rexdale as one of 13 priority neighbourhoods, requiring infrastructure investment and improvement of community services. As such, in August 2007 the Rexdale Pathways to Education Program was launched across more than 30 different high schools. The Rexdale Pathways program is offered through an alliance between United Way of Greater Toronto and Pathways Canada. 

Through 9 years, Rexdale will be hosting its 5th graduating class this summer to add to their current total of 408 Alumni.


Geographical Boundaries, General Size, Catchment Area:


Located in North Etobicoke

South Border: John Garland Road
East border: Kipling Avenue
North Border: Albion Road and Finch Avenue West
West Border: Martingrove Road

All high-school aged students living within these borders are eligible to enroll.


Community Demographics:


On average:

  • 18% of house holds are made of youth age 12-19

  • 11% are immigrant youth

  • 0% Aboriginal youth

  • 85% are visible minorities

  • 42% lone parent families


Community Partnerships:


As host of the Pathways to Education program, Rexdale Community Health Centre provides a range of medical, dental, physical and mental health services, community programs and advocacy for individuals and families in north Etobicoke:


Other Community resources and Pathways Partnerships include:


Albion Neighbourhood Services, Breaking the Cycle, Career Foundations, Elmbank Community Centre, Microskills


Post-Secondary Areas of Interest for Pathways to Education Students: (Top 5-6 Programs)


  • Social Service Worker

  • Health Management

  • Nursing

  • Health Sciences

  • Business

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