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Name of Community:


Scarborough Village


Name of Host Agency:




Program History:


With an increase in violence, police relations and a lack of resources and supports for young people in the community, many of the residents of Scarborough Village were very welcoming of much needed supports. Pathways to Education was established in Scarborough Village in 2009 due to the rising concerns and challenges facing young people in the community with the hopes of addressing some of the barriers young people faced around education and accessing resources in the community.


Currently in finishing its 7th year, Pathways to Education in Scarborough Village will have its 4th graduating class this year to add to their current total of 188 Alumni.


Geographical Boundaries, General Size, Catchment Area:

Approx. 2 km

West border: Bellamy Rd

South Border: Kingston Rd (for Pathways, Lake Ontario for the city)

East Border: Eglinton Rd

North Border: Railroad tracks

Additional community just outside of west border


Students eligible for Pathways must live in any 1 of 22 high rise buildings within the community. Students living in detached or semidetached homes are not eligible.


Additional community outside of the western border is a TCHC townhouse complex which is eligible for the Pathways Program.


Community Demographics:


On average:

  • 12% of population is youth age 12-19

  • 14% are immigrant youth

  • 0% Aboriginal youth

  • 77% are visible minorities

  • 27% lone parent families


Community Partnerships:


As host of the Pathways to Education program, YouthLink is a Children's mental health organization dedicated to providing support and guidance to young people through counselling, residential treatment programs, co-op housing, wrap-around support as well as community based programming.


Other resources and partnerships of Pathways in Scarborough Village include:


YWCA, Scarborough Village Youth Service Providers Network, Action for Neighbourhood Change, City of Toronto Crisis Response.


Post-Secondary Areas of Interest for Pathways to Education Students: (Top 5-6 Programs)


  • Business Administration

  • Social Sciences

  • Life Sciences

  • Engineering

  • Humanities

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