Pathways Alumni Intern


London School of Economics

Finance Intern
Northbridge Financial Crop

In the summer of 2017, Shaliga worked as a Finance Intern in Northbridge’s Premium Accounting department. Speaking about her time at Northbridge, Shaliga says she found her internship to be well-structured. “I had a really good time,” she says. “It was a great opportunity for me, I would love to work for Northbridge in the future.”

Shaliga describes her colleagues at Northbridge as nothing short of amazing. “Everyone was so supportive. They really tried to get to know me.  Even people who worked on different floors of the building would approach me and take me out for coffee. It was such a friendly environment.”

Shaliga believes that internships like hers provide a stepping stone for students, giving them insight into the workplace. “I think internships provide a huge benefit for Pathways students and can turn their life around.”

Currently, Shaliga is in her final semester of her Actuarial Sciences post-secondary degree and will be graduating in 2018.

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