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Name of Community:


Spryfield – Halifax


Name of Host Agency:


Chebucto Connections


Program History:


Spryfield is a resource-rich community with many active and engaged residents. However, the community wrestles with socio-economic issues related to poverty, high unemployment and low education attainment in some areas. Other youth issues include: lack of access to transportation; lack of after school programming; and higher than average high school dropout rates.

In May 2010, Pathways Spryfield launched in partnership with local community group Chebucto Connections. In its academic first year, 90 students participated in the program. Chebucto Connections sought out this partnership after hearing from students and families that greater success in education was desired in the community. Pathways Spryfield also partners with parents, youth, many community organizations including the United Way, Spryfield and District Business Commission and the Halifax Regional School Board.

In its 6th year, Pathways in Halifax will be graduating its 3rd group of students to add to their current total of 89 Alumni.


Geographical Boundaries, General Size, Catchment Area:


The catchment area of the Pathways Spryfield program is along the central core of the Spryfield area, including Cowie Hill at one end and Green Acres at the other end


Community Demographics:


There are more than 4,000 residents in the Spryfield area with a high proportion of single-parent families, children and youth.


  • 8.4 %population is youth age 12-19

  • 2.3 % are immigrant youth

  • 0% Aboriginal youth

  • 11.6 % visible minorities

  • 25% lone parent households


Community Partnerships:


As host of the Pathways program in Spryfield, Halifax, Chebucto Connections helps residents participate in community life by attracting resources and opportunities to improve quality of life.


Other partnerships and resources of Pathways in Spryfield, Halifax include:

  • Indigenous Black and Mi'kmaq Initiative Program for Dalhousie Law School, Black Educator's Association, Native Council of Nova Scotia, Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia Community College, Saint Mary's University,

  • Post-secondary areas of interest for Pathways to Education students:  (top 5-6 programs)

  • Arts

  • Bachelor of Science

  • Engineering

  • 3D animation art and design

  • Fashion Design

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