Intern Manager


Director, Premium Accounting

1. Overall, how would you describe the experience overseeing a Pathways youth intern at your organization?

Students bring a different perspective to the work environment. They have a great work ethic and are keen to do a good job. I’d like to have them back next year!

2. What were the most positive experiences of hosting this internship? What made it successful?

The most positive experience for me was teaching the interns to manage their expectations and how to develop good management styles for when their time comes to lead. The advice I provided was to pull from what you’ve experienced and treat others as you would want to be treated.

3. What were some learning opportunities for both you as a manager, as well as the


I found that I learned as much from them as they did from me, which I wasn’t expecting. Communication is key. Explain how their role fits into the bigger picture, and provide them with positive feedback along the way through regular check-ins.

4. What advice would you offer to someone looking to oversee/manage an intern?

Be patient. These students are here to learn as they adapt to a new work environment. For most of the group, this is their first time in an office setting, and they’re learning what’s expected of them. Try to provide meaningful work related to their field of study, but manage their expectations and explain that they must also support the needs of the organization.

5. Would you do anything differently, if you were to do it again?

I have really enjoyed working with the students. Take the time to introduce them to different roles and departments – this will help them to understand the part they play in the organization.

6. Where does support come from at your organization for Pathways internships? Who are the champions, and how do they help facilitate internships?

Our organization is very dedicated to the internship program. From our executive leadership team to the managers who oversee students, everyone plays a role in its success.

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